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The best book of 2023 (970 × 600 px).png
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The Giving World

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About the Illustrators

Twenty-seven illustrators picked from a list of intentions to choose the topic for their own illustration. They were given complete freedom to express their illustration through color, vision, and their own unique style - truly creating a work of art through the hearts of many.   This diverse and creative team of talent express a broad range of expression, love, togetherness, inspiration and more.  We hope this book brings a new appreciation to the world around you.


Make sure you visit "meet the team" tab to find out more about our team of talent...


where they are located, what inspires them, and a bit of creative insight into there own world.  

About the two

Authors Lean and Huggins connected in late 2020. Despite the uncertain times, the world was going through, they each individually pursued their passions and dreams towards the path of publishing. Connecting through talent, knowledge, and now friendship they have creatively contributed to the children's book market individually,  The Giving World, their first collaboration, manifested by these two connecting and sharing their thoughts, passions, and ideas.  A true journey of heart through shared words and intentions, love, and collective creativity to bring a renewed appreciation to a hurting world. With warmth, love, and global talent Lean and Huggins are thrilled to bring this beautiful book into existence.

Two co-authors and 27 talented illustrators worldwide, filled each page with woven reminders of the simple joys and love that surround us all.


Our hope is that we inspire, motivate, connect, share, and remind our world, we are better together, no matter how far apart we may seem.


Imagine A World

Shipping Nov-early dec 2022!

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